Friday, February 13, 2009

More Great Free Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

OK, OK, I know most of you are excited about the princess coloring sheets. And what can I say – the girl is gorgeous… If I was just a bit younger or a bit more honest with myself about my actual maturity level I’d be coloring her myself right now.

But don’t you think the frog is amazing?

I mean, I don’t know the story (at least not the Disney’s spin on it), so I’m not sure if this frog is actually the prince (whose name is Naveen, by the way)… But this frog rocks!

Seriously, check out these coloring pages:

Doesn’t he have a smashing attitude?

And this:

Now what woman could resist this kiss? I mean, the romance in the eyes? The froggy fists? I think this frog is a real charmer. Just look at Tiana’s face on this next princess and the frog coloring page…

She looks…. …. … alarmed? :)

Oh well… sometimes men… even as frogs they are…

Anyways, I’ve got a few more pictures ready, but I’ll post them next time. So keep checking.

And remember, as the princess and the frog coloring pages are free, you shouldn’t have any problem printing them. Just right click on the image of your choice and voila. A printing option should be available. Or download them to your hard drive and print from there. Aren’t printables fun?

Enjoy and buy more crayons!

And paper…

And ink… for your printer…

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